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Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, Rushcroft students begin to hone the sorts of reading skills that will be vital to them as they approach IGCSE examinations.  With a strong focus on analytical and creative thinking, the students tackle questions of authorial intention, multiple layers of meaning and plot, as well as the socio-historical context of a wide range of texts.

Rushcroft students learn to write in a range of styles with attention given to spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Our students are carefully taught how to address the needs of their intended audience through thoughtful choices regarding tone, vocabulary, and structure. Further to this, from Year 7, we challenge students to write extended texts, sharpening their ability to write with elaboration, clarity, and detail.

Our students develop their speaking and listening skills through well-structured participation in whole class discussion, paired learning activities, and presentation tasks. The department endeavours to provide students with opportunities to engage creatively with English through drama and role-play. The Key Stage 3 curriculum hinges upon the need to prepare our students for the challenging demands of GCSE speaking and listening assessment. 

To further engage and challenge our Key Stage 3 students, Year 9 students are entered for the OCR Living Text course, which gives them the opportunity to achieve a Level 2 English qualification.

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Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 represents a logical extension of reading skills strengthened during Year 7, 8, and 9.  Students prepare for their GCSE exams with a range of support--from one-on-one provision to extra-curricular seminar-style sessions.  With the expertise of our department, we offer a range of specialist interventions for both those students struggling with English, as well as the highest achievers, in an aspiration towards all students achieving outstanding progress over the key stage.

Rushcroft students further improve their writing during Key Stage 4 by mastering the language features, structures, and tones introduced in the previous years. To achieve this, our faculty provide opportunities for students to explore, analyse, and interpret a stimulating range of model texts. This allows students to develop greater independence as they complete the written requirements of the IGCSE course.

At Key Stage 4, our faculty use speaking and listening as a tool to help students access the English and English Language curriculum. Hence, students are trained to participate in classroom debate, focussed discussion of literature and significant issues. This prepares our students for the challenging GCSE speaking and listening which requires that they make a well-prepared individual presentation and participate in a structured discussion.   

Most Rushcroft students in Key Stage 4 follow courses in English and English Literature. The courses are taught together and successful students will achieve two separate GCSEs- English and English Literature.

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Ms White 

Head of Faculty 

English Department.